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Firefox Use Increasing

One of the daily tech blogs I read, Boing Boing announced, after analyzing their log files, that Firefox use had increased to 38.2 percent and Internet Explorer dropped to 35.2 percent. So this prompted me to look at my own logs. Although I found that my far less tech-savvy audience was quite different, a full 15.3 percent were using Firefox, more than double what it was last year.

So the trend certainly seems to be turning and a large number of you (tens of thousands) have taken my recommendation, but the majority of you haven't. I have been using Firefox for two and a half years and I could not encourage you more strongly to make the switch. The primary reason is your Internet security but also because of all the neat features it has.

  • Popup blocking stops those annoying ads dead in their tracks.
  • Tabbed browsing allows you to view multiple pages in one window.
  • Files are downloaded to your desktop so they're easier to find.
  • Live bookmarks that enable you to read the latest news on my blog.

One more reminder to take a look at round two, a new Web-based business built to develop new tools and services to maximize the Firefox browsing experience.


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