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Using EFT To Avoid Surgery

One of my many hot buttons about conventional medicine: The promotion of far too many surgeries and procedures. So many, in fact, this dangerously flawed health system could be blamed as the leading cause of death in this country. That's why I'm so focused on safer, healthier and far less expensive treatments that have absolutely nothing to do with surgery or toxic drugs and everything to do with optimizing your health.

Late last week, I posted a link to tips on Turbo Tapping, a variation of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) (the energy psychology tool I use daily in my practice), that allows you to resolve aspects of an addictive problem in a short period of time. Again, a technique you can master that enables you to avoid the potentially toxic effects of antidepressants like Prozac.

Along those same lines, I was attracted to this similar case that demonstrated how EFT could be used to avoid surgery. A patient recovering from knee replacement surgery had developed urinary retention, meaning she couldn't urinate without the help of a catheter. Further examinations, including a cystoscopic procedure, revealed no blockages or other physical problems that would contribute to the woman's ailment.

Prior to placing a tube in the patient's bladder, the doctor, knowing she had suffered from other medical problems (depression and fibromyalgia) and used more pain medications than the norm, took a hunch and decided to find out if there were any emotional components to her urination problem.

After some quick work, using a variety of affirmation statements to reframe the woman's fears and concerns for about 10 minutes, she was able to urinate and avoid another medical procedure that would nothing more than "cure" the problem but never ever get to the real source of it.

Another reason I urge you to review my free EFT manual and begin to learn this amazing technique in the comfort of your home. As you need more guidance in learning this technique, I recommend reviewing a list of guidelines and practitioners compiled by Dr. Patricia Carrington.

Emotional Freedom Techniques

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