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Green Tea Extract Lessens Prostate Cancer Risks

If you read my eHealthy News You Can Use newsletter often, you may be familiar with recent studies I've posted about the benefits found in the components of green tea. So much so that green tea catechins may greatly protect fatty livers after a liver transplant

A new Italian study has discovered even better news: Those same beneficial compounds found in green tea may prevent the development of prostate cancer in men with a pre-cancerous condition called high-grade intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN). After taking three 200mg tablets of green tea catechins (GTCs) for a year, only one man in a high-risk group of 32 developed prostate cancer, compared to nine out of 30 in a control group who received a placebo. (The 30 percent incidence rate among the control group was consistent with previous findings, as was the absence of significant side effects or adverse reactions.)

Interestingly, the 600 mg-per-day dosage of caffeine-free, total catechins (50 percent of which is EGCG) given to participants in the Italian study is one or two times the amount of green tea consumed daily in China, where 10-20 cups a day is normal.

The lead researcher agrees with my philosophy for treating prostate cancer: Prevention is certainly the best way to fight it!

If you want to learn more about preventing prostate cancer naturally and safely, I urge to read contributing editor Dr. Larry Clapp's latest advice.

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