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Diminishing Mercury's Horrible Damage to Your Brain

A new study posted online in Environmental Health Perspectives (see free EHP link below) appears to diminish the damage thimerosal -- the ethylmercury-based preservative in vaccines -- can do to our children, according to a news release issued by the National Autism Association. Although the National Institutes of Health study on primates showed how ethylmercury was much more damaging because it crosses the blood-brain barrier more quickly than methylmercury, EHP framed the results in a deceptively positive light, emphasizing, " Injected thimerosal reacted differently from methylmercury in that it cleared from the infant [blood] much more quickly."

Some news services quickly picked up on this erroneous information, leading some to report that because ethylmercury is processed differently in the body, it may be less toxic to children than mercury found in pollution and fish.

As always, the reality is far more frightening than that:

  • There was a much higher amount of inorganic mercury in the brains of infants injected with thimerosal than those with methylmercury (up to 71 percent vs. 10 percent).
  • The brains of infants exposed to thimerosal contained at least twice as much inorganic mercury as those tainted by methylmercury.

The smoke screens the so-called experts have used to deride and diminish the toxic effects thimerosal can have on your children are nothing really new and have been reported often on my Web site by my friend, esteemed colleague and contributing editor Dr. Russell Blaylock.

Fact is, these new numbers alone ought to prompt you to think long and hard before you expose your children to vaccines. And, if you're not completely convinced, I strongly urge you to review a recent study that demonstrated how mercury exposure in the womb resulted in lower IQs,

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