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The Safe Way To Protect Your Computer, Tech Toys

This blog really serves as a wonderful outlet for indulging one of the very few hobbies I have time for: Sharing personal tech discoveries. In that vein, you probably remember I finally succumbed to the charms of the IPod last summer. In fact, I liked it so much, I ditched my old MP3 players in favor of a 20-gigabyte third generation model that can do so much more -- as a portable hard drive and voice recorder -- than just play music.

However, those handy tech toys along with mobile phones have been blamed for a 20 percent surge of robberies recently committed on New York subways. And when they're stolen -- in front of you or behind your back while taking a shower at the gym -- most victims feel they have no other recourse, other than buying a new one.

That's what attracted me to this very timely piece about some software options you can take that may allow police to track your stolen electronic devices, including mobiles, PDAs, laptops and desktop computers, called track-and-recover software.

How does this work? The protective technology is installed with the assumption the stolen machine will eventually be connected to the Internet. Once that online connection is made, the device sends a signal transmitting its Internet protocol address which could allow the thief to be traced through a service provider.

There are several service providers listed in this article that appear worth checking out. In fact, don't be surprised if I post an update soon about jumping on the bandwagon to protect my tech tools via software protection.

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