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Is The Era Of The E-Mail Virus Over?

Because you know one of my "hot buttons" is safe surfing on the Internet, I couldn't resist sharing with you a couple of interesting tidbits from a recent conference of computer security experts in London. Seems the consensus believe the days of virus-laden e-mail alerts may be nearly over.

That may certainly appear to be true, according to two noted security experts who monitor e-mail borne viruses and have noticed their numbers are indeed shrinking. One went so far as to say that age of the e-mail virus has come to an end, but another cautioned we could instead simply be experiencing a lull in activity.

That doesn't mean your computer is any safer than before, however. The new problem experts believe will continue to plague Net users: Spyware.

Just another of the many reasons you should use this link to download the newest version of Firefox, the free open-source Internet browser, that can protect you from unwanted spyware and viruses, particularly those written for Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

CNET News April 28, 2005

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