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Experts Agree Doughnuts A Totally Worthless Food

After doughnuts made the top of my list of the five absolute worst foods you can eat some 18 months ago, it's good to see experts are finally starting to agree with me about their complete lack of any nutritional value. Particularly sharp was a quote from a New York Obesity Research Center nutritionist: When it comes to health, the only thing good about (doughnuts) is the hole.

What doughnuts do contain -- refined sugar and flour, artificial flavorings, fats and hydrogenated oils -- certainly does nothing at all for your health, except harm it. And, if you're still searching for that "healthy" version of the doughnut, forget it. The typical glazed blueberry doughnut from Krispy Kreme contains fake fruit made from sugar, corn syrup, corn cereal and other assorted chemical "goodies."

Even though eating a doughnut by itself isn't fatal, here's where the trouble comes in: Few seem to be able to stop at eating just one. Adding one doughnut -- if not more -- to your daily diet will likely prevent you from eating more whole foods, packed full of the real nutritional value your body needs.

Of course, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's new flawed food pyramid certainly gives people the perfect excuse to indulge their sweet tooth, by allowing for discretionary calories from high-fat foods like doughnuts.

And, based on research, high-carb foods like doughnuts -- with their appealing texture and high sugar and fat content -- artificially raise serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain to create pleasure when eating them (which has everything to do, if you think about it, with why Homer Simpson has become such a cultural icon and made a few people filthy rich). So, if you're trying to clean up your diet and having trouble doing so, the best advice I can give you is to work out your food addictions with the help of the Emotional Freedom Technique, the safe and effective energy psychology tool I use in my practice.

One important factoid: It seems people are beginning to understand just how devastating doughnuts can be to their health. Today, Krispy Kreme's stock is down more than 80 percent from a year ago.

New York Times May 3, 2005 Registration Required

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