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Firefox Downloads Hit 50 Million!

Last Friday, the developers of Firefox celebrated a special landmark: The Mozilla Foundation announced downloads of its safer, open-source alternative browser had surpassed 50 million!

Firefox has only been around as a full, non-beta product since early November, yet Mozilla has succeeded in capturing a tremendous marketshare of the Web browser market, an environment most tech analysts once considered a lock for Microsoft's virus-ridden Internet Explorer. And, mostly done on a shoestring, grassroots level by early adopters like me and volunteers who won't stop reminding you to give this free safe alternative a try.

The popularity of Firefox finally caught the attention of the folks in Redmond, Wash.: Acknowledging the security problems Microsoft recently announced an updated beta version of Internet Explorer will debut this summer many months before the company's long overdue operating system update -- codename Longhorn -- arrives in 2006.

Don't get your hopes up too much that this version will be at all an improvement on Firefox, especially with startup companies like Round Two assisting developers on several Firefox plug-ins currently available, which can really optimize the browsing experience, as well as creating new ones.

Many thousands of you who use my Web site to stay informed about optimal wellness have made the switch to Firefox and I can't recall receiving feedback from anyone who has had a problem with making the transition yet. Choice is indeed a good thing...

ZDNet April 29, 2005

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