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Whisky No Substitute For Whole Foods

I've posted a fair number of studies related to the beneficial consumption of alcohol, usually related to drinking wine, and virtually all of them were positive. This latest research is no different, except this time the target of attention is single malt whisky, with certainly far more alcohol content than wine.

Single malt whisky contains ellagic acid, a naturally occurring plant phenolic known as an anti-carcinogenic/anti-mutagenic compound believed to be the most effective way to prevent cancer, according to some researchers. In fact, some studies have shown single malt whisky has more ellagic acid than red wine. As I've pointed out frequently, however, it's important to look at the messenger of such "discoveries" like this: A physician and independent consultant to the global drinks industry who shared "his findings" at a recent conference of biochemists in Scotland.

Although many experts believe there is some health benefit to drinking alcohol in moderation, I remain unconvinced, especially after reviewing this report. Folks, the alcohol in wine and other spirits serves as a neurotoxin which means it can poison your brain. Additionally, it has the strong potential to seriously disrupt your delicate hormone balance.

Besides, if you're wanting to optimize your diet with cancer-fighting whole foods, cherries are a much more natural and beneficial source of ellagic acid. And eating grapes may soon become a recommended cancer-preventative too.

Yahoo News May 8, 2005

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