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Acupuncture: The Natural Pain Reliever

With the avalanche of baby boomers looking for and finding safer treatments for their health problems other than taking a toxic pill, the stature of acupuncture has certainly grown as a proven alternative. According to a USA Today poll conducted yesterday, acupuncture was the treatment of choice for pain relief by 5 percent of American adults. And a national study conducted three years ago estimated more than 8 million Americans have tried it.

The reason for this interest in acupuncture certainly isn't surprising, especially lately at the expense of banned COX-2 drugs, Vioxx and Bextra.

Acupuncture certainly did the trick for a PE instructor whose former career as a professional volleyball player was once aided by her high tolerance for pain. Later on, however, the pain became so excruciating in her shoulders, it brought this women to her knees in tears. Sessions once a week for eight weeks successfully eliminated the pain and "booster treatments" once a month have maintained her comfort level.

The level of interest about acupuncture among health professionals is just as keen, considering the many recent studies conducted in medical journals, including one that found acupuncture -- combined with electrical stimulation -- could lower elevations in blood pressure by 50 percent.

An interesting sidebar of this piece from USA Today, one of my favorite newspapers in the world, lists other non-toxic treatments to treat pain that sound a lot like pain-free, inexpensive and non-toxic alternatives that should be very familiar to you, if you read my blog regularly:

USA Today May 10, 2005