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Fear of Falling Worries More Than The Elderly

Because of the damage people can do to their health when they fall, I've posted a number of popular pieces about how to prevent such accidents in your home. Why the concern? Falls topped the list of non-fatal injuries in America, with nearly 8 million patients treated in emergency rooms.

Problem is, many of you believe falls -- specifically a fear of them -- are primarily a problem for seniors. A new study has shown that fear of falling is now affecting black middle-aged adults, some as young as 50!

The true extent of the damage, researchers said, isn't caused by injury, however. Instead, this fear prompts adults to be more sedentary, creating a cycle of frailty and illness. Moreover, about one in three people have a fear of falling, making it just as common among this age group as it is among the elderly. Even worse, researchers discovered this fear was already evident in patients between ages 49-55.

The best advice I have for handling this crisis of confidence:

  • Review the links I've posted above about how to prevent falls in your home.
  • Learn how to nip your irrational fears in the bud by mastering the Emotional Freedom Technique, the proven energy psychology tool I use daily in my practice.
  • Read Paul Chek's recent column on simple balance training techniques you can learn at home.

Science Blog May 9, 2005

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