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McDonald's Healthy Menu Profitable And Growing

You may have been surprised, as I was, about the concerted effort McDonald's has made toward opening up its menu to incorporate healthier foods. However, with the fast food icon buying some 54 million apples this year -- no small investment to replace the trans-fat laden French fries in their Happy Meals packages -- that was certainly an encouraging sign customers were embracing more health-conscious choices.

I suspect this emphasis may have something to do with McDonald's strong recovery from its recent doldrums on Wall Street (think the not-too-soon death of the Super Size Me menu option), and today's announcements about expanding its menu of healthier food choices and a new Happy Meals campaign designed to promote healthy lifestyles. Among the additions:

  • A new fruit and walnut salad
  • Paul Newman's low fat Italian dressing
  • Fruit smoothies

I was also pleased to learn some experts believe this focus toward healthier fast food is a smart move for McDonald's, and certainly not a temporary one. Even so, the double cheeseburger remains McDonald's best seller with 1.5 billion sold annually.

Yahoo News May 11, 2005

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