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Have A Laugh And Keep the Hackers Away Too...

If you've become a Firefox fan from reading about it here and trying it out yourself, you're aware the non-profit Mozilla Foundation has used some unconventional means to spread the word about its free open-source Web browser to the public.

The U.S. division caught everyone by surprise by raising money through donations to buy ads in large daily newspapers late last year to promote Firefox, certainly a big reason why more than 50 million people have downloaded it since last November.

Mozilla's international affiliate in Europe came up with a far different promotional approach, and one you'll certainly get a laugh out of three times over, if you use your computer, mobile phone and other tech gadgets as much as I do. Besides, laughing is good for your mind and overall health too.

Good time as any to remind you to download the newest version of Firefox (1.0.4), the free open-source browser that's quickly becoming the tool of choice for the Web savvy.


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