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CDC Discussing "Universal" Flu Vaccine Recommendation Again...

Seems the government PR machine is shifting into overdrive once again in the support of the flu vaccine. It's bad enough most of the so-called "experts" who fill government panels don't accept the destructive effect of thimerosal, the ethylmercury-based preservative that can still be found in some vaccines.

Late last week, a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) panel took that ignorance one dangerous step closer: A blanket recommendation for universal immunization for ALL Americans that could be phased in within the next five years again.


The CDC sees this recommendation as a means to boost vaccination rates and reduce flu-linked sickness and death. As you may be very well aware, however, the true number of deaths directly attributed to the flu tell a far different story.

A CDC spokesperson acknowledged talk of universal immunization was put on the back burner as of late when reports surfaced that all of the initial supply of flu vaccines manufactured by Chiron last year were tainted (as were those shipped to this country some four years ago), prompting many people to stay away from them.

And, the government panel estimates only 90 million vaccines will be available for the next flu season -- only half of what they claim is needed to cover the demand for "high-risk" patients. But it only takes one to hurt you and your family.

Fact is, nobody needs a flu shot and here's a few steps you can take to avoid it:

Yahoo News May 12, 2005

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