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Firefox Use Grows At Internet Explorer's Expense

I was thrilled to discover this news that the growing popularity of Firefox has really put a major dent in the use of Microsoft's Internet Explorer in this country. So much so, that Bill Gates Inc. plans an early release of an updated IE browser well in advance of Longhorn, the long-delayed Windows operating system upgrade.

Based on recent figures on the WebSide Story site, Firefox usage knocked out of IE down to an 89 percent share over 95 percent a year ago, a drop that closely matches Firefox's 6.8 share of the browser market in America. That 6 percent difference in IE usage from last year remains constant, even if you include all operating systems (think Linux and MacIntosh).

Although IE is still the browser of choice by far in other countries -- Japan (94 percent) and China (98 percent) -- Firefox has become the Web darling in Germany with an awesome 23 percent of the market.

Based on results posted recently on one of the daily tech blogs I read, Firefox usage there had increased to 38.2 percent and Internet Explorer dropped to 35.2 percent. In fact, after looking at my own logs, I found 15.3 percent were using Firefox -- more than double what it was last year.

Do you need any more incentive to try the fastest growing Web browser in the world?

CNN.com May 13, 2005

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