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Why Your Blood Pressure Isn't Dropping At Night

If you're noticing your blood pressure levels aren't dropping at night, there's a real good reason, according to a new study: Your blood sugar levels are probably elevated. That could raise your risk of diabetes greatly and indicate you may be more prone to cardiovascular problems too.

Researchers monitored 51 patients (ages 60-80) with hypertension, including 20 whose blood pressure didn't dip by more than 10 percent at night. Interestingly, both groups had nearly identical average blood pressure levels over the 24-hour period they were studied.

The differences were marked between both sets of patients when it came to blood sugar levels. The fasting glucose level for the dippers and non-dippers was 95 and 102 mg/dl, respectively. Fasting glucose levels in the 110-125 range indicate pre-diabetes, a condition in which blood glucose levels are higher than usual but are not at the level of diabetes.

Rather than advocate a drug regimen or expensive tests, however, researchers recommended a number of lifestyle changes that can optimize your health naturally, safely and very effectively:

  • Get moving on an exercise program today! (For more specific direction on how to get started, I strongly recommend you review the work of Ben Lerner and Paul Chek, popular contributing editors to my Web site.)
  • Optimize your health and weight by making dietary changes. That's why I believe learning how to eat based on your body's unique nutritional type is the way to start.

Another natural and highly effective method for fighting hypertension: Eating garlic.

EurekAlert May 13, 2005

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