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More Investigations on Teflon Toxicity

Not so fast DuPont!

Just a month after agreeing to an settlement with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for failing to disclose health safety information about perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) -- one of the key chemicals used to make Teflon -- for two decades, a federal grand jury subpoenaed the company about the controversial chemical via a request from the U.S. Justice Department's Environmental Crimes Section.

Although a DuPont spokesman claims no specific charges have been spelled out yet, the subpoena requested documents that were previously turned over to the EPA, as well as new ones, be submitted by late June.

Even though DuPont's comments showed little concern, the same can't necessarily be said for stock analysts. Although one discounted the possibility, he did mention one number -- in the $200 million level -- would be exceptional. That would also be a much more significant number than the $15 million DuPont set aside last month to settle with the EPA.

If you're not convinced Teflon-coated cookware can be harmful to your health, I urge you to review a recent article written by Gary Craig about a serious problem with nighttime urination I helped him solve.

In the meantime, the best and safest cookware you could use would be ceramic-coated metal as the ceramic is virtually inert and will not transfer any metal ions to your food. It is also important to use a stable oil like coconut oil -- vegetable oils are easily damaged by the heat -- and not to overcook your food.

Yahoo News May 19, 2005

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