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Does the Brain Affect PMDD?

An interesting study demonstrates how premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD, formerly known as PMS) may be spurred by changes in brain receptors that affect seizures and anxiety during the menstrual cycle.

Based on a study of the estrous cycle in mice (the equivalent of the human menstrual cycle), researchers found a specific subclass of the receptors -- GABAA receptors -- change in the hippocampus. These changes take place during a menstrual cycle in a part of the brain where progesterone-derived neurosteroids are active, and are inexorably linked to an altered behavior of nerve cells, which in turn changes an animal's susceptibility to seizures and anxiety.

Researchers believe this response may be quite relevant to the way nerve cells respond to stimuli in the human brain during the menstrual cycle and could also be applicable to post-partum depression and mood swings during pregnancy.

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EurekAlert May 15, 2005

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