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Use An IPod Without ITunes

If you use an IPod as I do (despite the problems I've experienced lately) on the Windows platform, you'll want to know how bypass Apple's proprietary ITunes music player and use Winamp to manage your music.

A U.K. student took over for the original creators to develop a nice array of nifty features for Winamp:

  • Create smart playlists.
  • Synch multiple IPods.
  • Winamp consumes far less hard drive space than ITunes, and can be used by PC users who are unable to use ITunes because they don't run Windows XP.
  • Moving music directly from an IPod to a hard drive, a feature not offered on ITunes at all.

The last feature only works, however, if you download the ml_iPod plugin in addition to Winamp. I suspect Apple was silent about this latest development because the student who developed this newest version of Winamp uses software that circumvents digital rights management (DRM) protocols, although he cautioned users not to use it to steal music either.

If you're wanting more freedom to handle your music more easily, follow the link below to access links to this new IPod software.

Wired May 24, 2005

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