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Great New External Backup

Although this new external hard drive from Western Digital isn't shipping I purchased three of them. Which is nearly a terabyte of storage for $1,000 and these drives can all fit in your pants pockets. Amazing.

This is the coolest drive I have seen. Most external drives weigh several pounds and aren't 300 GB. But this puppy is not much bigger than an IPod yet holds as much as five of the largest IPods put together and plugs into your computer via the USB or Firewire port. This is the drive most of us have been waiting for. I need two for home to backup all my new digital photos.

It's great to have a drive with this much storage available and so small you can carry it with you anywhere and plug into someone else's computer and essentially have nearly all the data you will need (at least for now). The drive spins at 7200 RPM and has 8 MB of RAM so it will certainly do the job and Western Digital is top notch.

It's certainly not like the lousy Maxtor external drives I've purchased before that seem to always get corrupted when you disconnect them from your notebook.These drives are hot swappable which means you can accidentally pull them from your notebook and not lose your data (isn't that what backups are all about)? I have lost months of data because of this very error that lost all of my backup files. This drive is just what the computer doctor ordered for me. Glad I found this puppy...

The drive isn't shipping for a few weeks but if you order it now it is $20 off and there is no shipping charge.

Western Digital is shlepping this new Extreme Lighted Combo Drive, an external hard drive with multi-color lights inside, perfect for "case modders, gamers, DJs, or anyone with a love of the extreme." Also, it's "jazzy." That's marketing code for $300 for a 320GB drive, but at least it's both FireWire (good) and USB 2.0 (slightly less good) compatible.

And remember, every Western Digital hard drive comes with a confidence-inspiring one year warranty. When does the yearly hard drive subscription plan start?

Digital Media Thoughts May 23, 2005

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