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Is Untreated Depression The Cause of Your Pain?

While doing some Internet research this afternoon, I came across this interesting survey of patients with major depressive disorders that again demonstrates the vital link between negative emotions and physical pain and how both work in concert to slow down healing.

Even worse: Patients largely ignored their conditions and the painful side effects for very long periods of time. By the numbers:

  • Patients who suffered from major depression waited almost a year to see a doctor about it.
  • Nearly 75 percent of those polled didn't believe their physical pains -- unexplained headaches, backaches and gastrointestinal troubles -- were symptoms of depression.
  • Not surprisingly, only 38 percent of physicians recognized the connection between physical aches and pains and symptoms of depression always or most of the time.

If you dig a bit deeper, you'll also discover another set of numbers related to various treatments for depression, none of which imply anything other than a drug-related "cure." However, considering Eli Lilly and Boehringer Ingelheim partly funded the survey in the first place, I shouldn't have expected anything else...

Regardless, the moral remains the same: Treating a long-term condition like depression merely with a potentially toxic pill is indeed crazy, particularly when you consider the link between the use of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and the incidence of attempted suicides.

If you're not sure you suffer from depression, I urge you to review a detailed diagnostic criteria for major depressive disorder on my Web site. Should any of those symptoms sound very familiar, I assure you there are many safe, healthy, effective and inexpensive treatments for your depression, none of which include a drug.

PR Newswire May 26, 2005

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