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Surviving Life In A Cubicle

One of the more annoying things many of you deal with every day in your jobs is living and working in a world of cubicles (that's one challenge I thank God often I don't have to deal with). With that in mind, and because you know how much I love gadgets, I stumbled across the Babble, a device that uses voice scrambling technology to dull the intrusive effect sounds can have on people working in hives of cubicles.

The Babble is composed of a sound processor and several speakers that multiply and scramble voices that come within its range, and is about the size of a clock radio. This first model is designed for a person using a phone, but others will also work in open office spaces. The Babble mixes the surrounding voices in such a way as to render them indecipherable to nearby workers.

The device, intended for use as a substitute for walls and acoustic tiling, was created by Applied Minds, a Glendale, Calif., research company founded by a computer architect and a noted Hollywood special effects expert. Not surprisingly, the Babble isn't only the project this innovative company is working on.

The company is currently working with a variety of partners on a number of devices and processes, like a tabletop digital map, about the size of a large flat panel television, with a touch-sensitive screen that is controlled by a series of hand gestures. If you're thinking this sounds a lot like far-out "Star Wars" or "Star Trek" technology, it's a description this company has heard often to their delight.

Or treating cancer through the emerging field of proteomics, the study of proteins.

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