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Bigger Restaurant Furniture Accommodates The Obesity Epidemic

A sad, bizarre reminder about the obesity epidemic gone mad came today via a local angle: The recent National Restaurant Association's (NRA) conference held here a couple of weeks ago. Seems a number of NRA members and show exhibitors are planning to introduce new look by making their furniture bigger in an effort to better please their ballooning customers.

One VP for Brinker International says his chain of Chili's restaurants have started testing out larger eating spaces and was considering refurbishing outlets with tables up to a foot larger than before! The big problem with expanding tables and eating spaces in restaurants: Given building code restrictions for aisle space between tables, it may be hard to do that in more than 1,000 locations without giving up seating capacity.

A table and chair vendor says he's rethinking the design of some of his chairs with side arms, some of which have almost a foot of space between the armrests already. Makes you wonder how much longer all that cheap fast food will stay cheap...

If that seat at your local fast-food restaurant is getting too small for you -- along with your clothes and pocketbook -- perhaps it's time for you to consider a better way to eat that promotes better health, a longer life and more peace of mind. Take any one of these steps to get started on the road to optimal health today:

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