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Exercise Burns Fat, Not Bones

An interesting study of baby boomers older than 55 has again dismissed concerns by the so-called experts who believe the wonderful benefits of exercise were diminished somewhat due to a drop in bone mass. Fact is, patients who showed the greatest increase in fitness from their exercise program showed improvements in bone mass too.

Researchers monitored the exercise habits of 115 patients between ages 55-75 who were asked to follow general governmental guidelines for exercise or participate in a supervised program -- emphasizing aerobics, resistance training and stretching -- for six months. Those who followed a supervised plan demonstrated improvements in upper and lower body strength, total strength, lean mass, body weight, total and abdominal body fat. The supervised program also had no effect on the bone density of male patients and only a slight decrease in women (women who didn't exercise at all lost bone mass around their hips).

Researchers also linked fat to building healthier bones, and that's certainly true when you're maintaining a healthy balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fats in your diet. Many osteoporosis experts acknowledge the importance of omega-3 fats, but don't understand they are also a very powerful force in optimizing bone density.

Eating according to your body's unique nutritional type and taking a daily dose of a high-quality cod liver or fish oil, will provide you all the nutrients you need to prevent bone loss.

If nutritional typing doesn't completely do the trick, try vegetable juicing as it is high in vitamin K, a crucial part of bone health. However, most people do not get enough of it from diet alone unless they juice vegetables or eat large amounts of dark green leafy vegetables.

Researchers also cautioned patients, as I do, exercise and diet go hand-in-hand in losing weight safely and healthfully.

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