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Will Robots Take Over The World?

Looks like the next big thing for the consumer market is the mass-produced robot. At least, that's what Toyota (left image), Honda and Sony are working on these days.

In fact, Toyota expects to launch its own line of "helper" robots -- machines programmed to serve a wide range of things from serving tea to helping the elderly -- within the next five years. But with automakers in the picture, I can't imagine the average household affording, needing or wanting one anytime soon...

These robots certainly look big enough to handle the job, but they still look a bit too sci-fi for my taste (can you imagine an army of them walking dogs in your neighborhood at night?). I suspect it will be a very long time before your grandchildren -- or their children -- will see a working robot anywhere close to the one I grew up with watching Lost in Space.

Engadget March 11, 2004

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