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Obesity Plague Creates Middle-Age Health Risks For Kids

Yesterday, the European Congress on Obesity released a statistic that caught many people -- aside from regular observers of my Web site -- by surprise. New estimates have determined a half-million European children now suffer from metabolic syndrome -- the horrible cluster of conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol challenges -- that's associated with obesity and other health issues connected with middle-age.

Unfortunately, that conservative estimate is merely a drop in the bucket compared to the plague of obesity, especially among kids, running rampant in this country. The number of American children affected by metabolic syndrome alone has doubled to more than 2 million over the past decade.

Comparing childhood obesity rates by the numbers:

  • England = 20 percent
  • Spain = 30 percent
  • United States = 30 percent
  • Italy = 36 percent

One quote from the European task force on obesity summed it up best: We think we probably underestimated the dimension of the issue. We are often accused of exaggerating the estimates, but whenever we do get the actual figures, they turn out to be worse than we expected.

The good news is that you have plenty of free resources available on my Web site to make a huge dent in this epidemic directly within your own sphere of influence at home and with friends and other loved ones. A good place to get started is to review the early warning checklist I posted last week to nip the spread of childhood obesity early on.

Yahoo News June 2, 2005

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