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Beating Jet Lag With The Right Diet

Because I do a lot of traveling by air -- especially to Hawaii to beat the winter chill -- I was attracted to this news item from the Argonne National Laboratory touting its comprehensive free source of information for its Anti-Jet-Lag diet developed by biologists there. It certainly sounds effective: Travelers who use the diet are seven times less likely to experience jet lag when traveling west and 16 times less likely when traveling east, according to researchers.

According to the news item, anyone traveling across three or more time zones can use the Anti-Jet-Lag plan to eliminate or reduce jet lag - feelings of irritability, insomnia, indigestion and general disorientation that occur when the body's inner clock is out of synch with the time cues it receives from the environment (meal times, sunrise and sunset and daily cycles of rest and activity).

Interestingly, for a small fee -- based on a one-way and round-trip excursion -- Argonne offers a personalized plan via e-mail to combat jet lag that been used by government agencies as well as athletes, musicians and service agencies.

From my quick review of the free advice available (which is considerable), this new diet appears to be a slight modification that can be applied very easily within framework of nutritional typing. Also, taking melatonin immediately before going to bed is another effective tool for some who suffer from jet lag, although I haven't found it to be very helpful.

In a previous article I posted, I mentioned Ambien as a possible solution for jet lag, but I strongly advise against it, unless all other treatments fail and you're planning to use it no more than once a year.

Argonne National Laboratory May 20, 2005

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