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The Secrets of Taking Great Digital Photos

As you know, I recently upgraded my digital camera to the top model in the world -- the 16.7 megapixel Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II -- so I could jump big time into digital photography. That said, all those snazzy extras I bought -- including all those extra megapixels -- still won't prevent me from taking bad pictures.

New York Times tech guru David Pogue says no matter what kind of digital camera you have -- 3 or 16 megapixels -- the object is still the same: Taking the best image you can with the least amount of aggravation. Because so many of you are as interested and fascinated with all things technical as I am, you must read Pogue's 10 most popular frequently given answers or FGAs (at the link below) that apply to most any digital camera on the market. I won't spoil your pleasure by listing all of his FGAs, but here are three to whet your appetite:

  • If your shutter lags behind the image actually being shot, push the shutter button down halfway beforehand to lock in settings before snapping the picture.
  • Conserve battery power by using the viewfinder to frame your pictures, rather than the larger screen in the back of the camera.
  • While shopping for a camera, strongly consider purchasing a high-capacity memory card, as those that usually come in the box are of the 16 megapixel variety, good for maybe 3-5 images of decent size and quality.

New York Times June 8, 2005 Registration Required

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