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Are Genes Getting Blamed For Sexual Frustration?

Partly because I so strongly believe genes have little influence on our health, I was attracted to the debatable merits of this study about their effect on the sexual function of women. Seems a British study -- seeking answers about why women differ in their ability to achieve orgasms -- that compared the responses of some 4,000 female twins found their ability to have them was influenced by as much as 45 percent by their genes.

The premise certainly sounds interesting because twins mostly grow up in the same environment. Because identical twins share more traits than non-identical ones, scientists made the leap, based on their findings, genes could trump environment when it comes to female orgasms.

Based on number-crunching comparisons between non-identical and identical twins, researchers determined a 34 percent genetic variation in a female twin's ability to orgasm during sexual intercourse. And, the numbers grew to 45 percent when it came to the difficulty women have in climaxing during masturbation alone.

Makes you wonder if these findings will spur some drug company to develop a cure in the form of an orgasm pill for women. Thank goodness, you need anything like that, particularly when there are natural, safer treatments available:

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