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Just to show you just how far the wonderful world of the Internet extends, you can't imagine my excitement when I was forwarded a piece from the Yemen Times (link below) that cited statistics about the childhood obesity epidemic and its link to sugary soft drinks I posted on my Web site four years ago.

Not much has changed my mind about soft drinks since then, especially after a recent study I posted in which one scientist compared the caffeine in soft drinks to the nicotine added to cigarettes.

Yemen, bordered by the Red Sea and Saudi Arabia, is just one of more than 200 countries readers of my eHealthy News You Can Use newsletter call home.

The other good news of the day that shows why I believe so many of you are just as committed as I am to toppling the existing health care paradigm, rife with quick-fix cures that supplemented by potentially toxic drugs, as I am: The newest Alexa rankings released today that measure Internet traffic have pushed us to the 7th most visited health Web site in the world, ahead of the Mayo Clinic (our Web site rankings will be updated tomorrow).

What a wonderful achievement, and all of it is thanks to your continued interest and support of my Web site and my whole health principles.

Many blessings...

Yemen Times June 9, 2005

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