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What A Drug Company Does To A Reformer

I posted a blog earlier this week about Dr. Peter Rost, Pfizer's outspoken vice president of marketing, who explained why prescription drugs are so much cheaper in other countries than America. I was particularly thrilled about Dr. Rost's refreshing candor, in direct opposition to the mega-drug company cartel.

I found an interesting postscript to the Rost interview in yesterday's New York Times, one of my favorite newspapers in the world, that describes how the corporate climate around Pfizer has chilled around him as a result of his honesty before and after the 60 Minutes segment.

  • Pfizer employees stopped reporting to him.
  • Supervisors stopped calling him, so Rost doesn't know to whom he should report.
  • His personal office was moved near a security facility in New Jersey.
  • The day after the 60 Minutes piece aired, access to his company e-mail and mobile phone accounts was disconnected temporarily.

It appears Pfizer just doesn't know what to do with Rost, who joined the mega-drugmaker when it acquired Pharmacia. Especially since it revealed the Justice Department was investigating the marketing of genotropin, a growth hormone whose marketing was managed by Roth.

Roth first registered in the media radar when he posted a review of a book on Amazon.com that criticized drug companies, then held a press conference a month later to urge Congress to speed the importation of low-cost drugs from other countries.

New York Times June 8, 2005 Registration Required

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