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Lowering Blood Sugar Levels Cuts Type 1 Diabetics' Risks of Stroke, Heart Attack

An interesting report presented during the American Diabetes Association's annual meeting in San Diego may give those who have diabetes -- or suspect they do -- new incentive to take more responsibility for their health. Type 1 diabetics who keep their blood sugar levels near normal with early, intensive treatment can slash their risks of cardiovascular disease and stroke by at least half.

Even more impressive, taking swift action to treat your diabetes works far better than anything a cholesterol or blood pressure drug could do. That's particularly important for many of you, considering some 20 percent of you may already have diabetes or pre-diabetes. These results so astounded scientists that research is underway to determine if type 2 diabetics would benefit as well (although it's hard to imagine why they wouldn't).

In fact, those who kept close watch over their blood sugar for more than a decade were less likely to have suffered from heart disease.

To get up to speed, I urge you to start by reading Dr. Ron Rosedale's awesome article on insulin and its effects on your metabolism. Then, follow this simple, three-step plan that should help you gain control over your diabetes:

USA Today June 13, 2005

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