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More Evidence Exercise, Losing Weight Lower Breast Cancer Risks

You may recall a study I posted last month about the beneficial effect moderate exercise -- three to five hours a week -- three to five hours a week -- has in reducing the mortality rate of breast cancer patients, compared to sedentary women.

If you can commit to about 45 minutes of brisk walking or 20 minutes of vigorous exercise per day and keep your weight under control, new research suggests that one-two combination may be enough to dramatically reduce your odds of developing breast cancer.

Women with low levels of physical activity and higher body mass index (BMI) were at more than twice the risk of developing breast cancer than women who did about three metabolic equivalent hours (MET) per day, per year, of exercise, and had lower BMI levels, researchers said.

Moreover, the lead researcher cautioned making dietary changes alone wasn't enough to prevent cancer, a warning that mirrors my own philosophy that exercise and diet go hand-in-hand in helping you treat health problems, lower your risk of disease and live a long life full of energy and passion.

That said, eating the proper diet based on the right foods for your specific nutritional type is crucial. To get a better understanding of nutritional typing, I strongly recommend you take my free online test.

You'll also want to review my exercise guidelines as well as the great advice from contributing editors Paul Chek and Ben Lerner so you can get moving today!

Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center

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