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Diet Sodas Help You Gain Weight

If you thought you could get a quick jump on your weight loss program merely by substituting "soft" drinks with their sugar-free -- meaning their artifically and toxically sweetened -- diet counterparts, guess again. A new study by researchers at the University of Texas San Antonio suggests baby boomers who drink diet soft drinks in an effort to dodge extra calories may be dramatically increasing their risks of gaining weight later on.

The study monitored the weight and soda-drinking habits of more than 600 patients ages 25-64. Of that total, almost a third of all the participants became obese or overweight when researchers followed up some eight years later, and about 57 percent of them drank two or more diet soft drinks every day.

Drinking just one diet soda a day increased a patient's odds of becoming overweight by 65 percent, and two or more low- or no-calorie drinks raised those odds even higher. In fact, those who drank non-diet sodas had a lesser risk of gaining weight than those who consumed diet drinks! Why do no-cal drinks sabotage your health, aside from the harmful chemicals? One suggestion made sense to me: People use diet sodas as means to justify making even more poor food choices, laden with boatloads of calories, chemicals and unhealthy fats.

This makes great sense to me, particularly in light of another study I posted today that found soft drinks to be the leading source of calories in the average American diet.

If you're want to improve your health and diet, I strongly urge you to read about how you can use the Emotional Freedom Technique, the proven energy psychology tool I use daily in my practice, to get rid of your soda addiction.

Houston Chronicle June 11, 2005

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