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How Asthma, Obesity Are Linked

Interesting news from a meeting of the American Diabetes Association that chemicals stored in fatty abdominal tissue may provide a crucial link to new treatments for asthma and extra incentive to drop those extra pounds. This discovery hinges on the presence of eotaxin -- an inflammatory chemical that plays a key role in asthma -- in fatty tissue.

To study its effect, scientists compared eotaxin levels in three groups:

  • Obese mice versus lean ones.
  • Obese patients versus thinner ones.
  • Obese patients before and after weight loss.

As you would expect, eotaxin levels were increased significantly obese mice and humans. In fact, plasma eotaxin levels in patients were almost twice as high as leaner patients, and dropped by some 25 percent after losing weight. Moreover, eotaxin RNA levels in visceral tissues were almost five times higher than in subcutaneous adipose tissues.

One important caveat: Scientists measured the weight loss of the human patients after they had gastric bypass surgery, a useless and potential lethal procedure.

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EurekAlert June 11, 2005

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