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Fluoride Spurs Bone Cancer Risks In Young Boys

If you wondered why I was so appalled by the recent joint announcement from the Centers For Disease Control and American Dental Association about celebrating the 60th anniversary of fluoridation in this country next month, a new study from the Harvard School of Dental Health ought to convince you.

Young boys, exposed to fluoridated tap water from ages 5-10, suffer an increased risk of bone cancer as they grow up (ages 10-19), the first study to link the toxic effects of fluoride to a child's development and the beginnings of bone cancer. And, it was just as unsettling to discover researchers found no link between fluoride exposure and bone cancer in young girls.

Although bone cancer is indeed rare among children -- only 3 percent of all childhood cancers -- it's particularly dangerous because the mortality rate over a five-year period is only 50 percent and almost every kid who survives it will lose limbs, probably legs.

If you're on the fence at all about fluoride and bone health, take a moment to review a study about how this purportedly "safe" chemical greatly increases bone and hip fractures. And, if you think merely avoiding tap water saves you from being exposed to fluoride, you may wonder how that toxic chemical finds its way into the instant tea you can purchase at the grocery store.

Taipei Times June 13, 2005

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