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Black Box Warnings For NSAIDs Announced

I'm positive the mega-pharmaceuticals weren't thrilled about the FDA's announcement of proposed label changes to various prescription and over-the counter (OTC) non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), warning patients far more directly about their potential side effects.

Among the suggested alterations:

  • The word NSAID must be prominently displayed and distinguishable in color or type from the remainder of the copy of the label.
  • Celebrex and other prescription NSAIDs must include a black box warning about the potential risk of gastrointestinal bleeding and increased heart disease and a description of a rare skin disorder (Stevens-Johnson Syndrome) triggered by their use.
  • Labels on non-prescription NSAIDs containing naproxen, ibuprofen or ketoprofen must include information about allergic reactions as well as internal bleeding and heart problems.

If you're still using a potentially toxic drug to relieve your pain, I urge you to read an article I wrote earlier this year featuring a comprehensive list of safer, more natural alternatives to NSAIDs and share them with your trusted family physician who understands natural medicine to determine the most effective combination for you.

USA Today June 16, 2005

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