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More Proof Obesity Is Far Worse Than Smoking...

You may recall a report I posted earlier this year that found, over the past quarter-century, Americans had given up smoking at the expense of the obesity epidemic taking hold, leading one Centers For Disease Control spokesperson to claim, "A nation with an expanding waistline is in far better shape than one with a cigarette in its mouth." That statement makes no more common sense to me today, than it did six months ago!

A U.K. study posted this week by The Lancet has found evidence that matches my own recommendations when it comes to choosing the less harmful of two evils: Obesity is indeed worse when it comes to accelerating the aging process.

Scientists based their warning on a comparison of telomeres (the ends of chromosomes) in the white blood cells of some 1,100 women ages 18-76. After calculating the amount of telomere loss due to aging, researchers compared the chromosomes based on lifestyle factors such as smoking habits and obesity.

Not surprisingly, obese patients were almost nine years older genetically than their counterparts. Conversely, smokers aged about half as slowly (4.6 years) than obese patients. And, both obesity and smoking work together synergistically to age a patient even faster -- by at least a decade -- than a lean non-smoker.

Even worse, researchers believe the loss of telomeres from smoking or obesity is permanent, and quitting smoking and losing weight merely reduces the rate of loss.

So, when it comes to choosing which poison to eliminate first, I believe sugar contributes far more to your health problems than smoking. And, if you smoke and are obese, you'll increase your risk of cancer too.

(Just a reminder, if you do choose to smoke, the biggest part of the average cigarette isn't tobacco. It's bulking excipients like paper, cotton, menthol, starches and other flavorings. When you burn and inhale those excipients, that's where most of the carcinogens -- tar and carbon -- as well as your addiction to nicotene comes from.)

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