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Sunshine Shrinks Prostate Cancer Risks

If you've reviewed the studies I've posted about its effect on relieving pain, lung cancer and depression, you already know just how beneficial the power of sunlight can be for your health. So it shouldn't be a surprise to you men who have more exposure to the sun can cut their risk of prostate cancer in half compared to those spending less time outdoors, according to a study of some 900 northern California men.

And, depending on specific gene variants, men can reduce their prostate cancer risk as high as 65 percent with more time in the sunshine.

Researchers compared 450 non-Hispanic white patients with advanced prostate cancer to a control group of 455 men who didn't, based on the pigmentation of their foreheads and underarms. Because it's hard for the sun to reach the underarm, there was no measurable difference between both groups of patients in that area. But when forehead color was compared to underarm color, however, the control group had significantly darker pigmentation than the cancer patients, indicating a decreased risk of prostate cancer, scientists said.

(Previous work by the same researchers found vitamin D is used by the prostate to promote normal cell growth and inhibit the spread of prostate cancer cells to other areas of the body.)

In addition to getting more sun, I urge you to review the recommendations of one of my newest contributors, Dr. Larry Clapp about prostate cancer.

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HealthOrbit June 15, 2005

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