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Eating Soy Slows A Woman's Fertility

Considering two recent surveys confirmed commercial soy formulas may inhibit the intestinal growth in babies, I'm not surprised soy isoflavone genistein, a chemical found in those formulas, can lead to infertility problems in women trying to conceive.

What was surprising and telling about soy's harmful effects on your health: It took smaller doses of genistein to create infertility problems in human females than in mice!

When genistein was added to sperm, in many cases, the soy chemical created a premature reaction in sperm, forcing them to peak long before they could fertilize an egg. Without the presence of genistein around a woman's womb, however, sperm would peak as they should far closer to completing their journey to the egg.

Despite not knowing how much soy was "safe" for women to consume, the lead researcher recommended women who want to conceive avoid all soy products while they're ovulating. Just another reason -- among many -- you should avoid soy products altogether."

If you're struggling to conceive, you'll want to read an article I posted last year about some of the natural and safer options available to treat infertility to avoid costly treatments that may do nothing more for your health than harm it.

BBC News June 21, 2005

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