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McDonald's Super-Sized Products Back On Menus

McDonald's transition away from huge portions of toxic sugary drinks and fat-filled foods to healthier fare has hit a big-time snag, perhaps foreshadowing a return of the super-sized meal.

The super-sized soft drink will return to the Chicago market (where McDonald's world headquarters is located) in July -- after a 15-month hiatus -- when customers who purchase a Big Mac and fries get a free 42-ounce soft drink. Although this latest temptation pales in comparison to 7-Eleven's Big Gulp product line, there is great reason to be very concerned: Sugary soft drinks recently dethroned white bread as the leading source for calories in the average American diet.

The 42-ounce non-diet Coca-Cola weighs in at 410 calories, a shade more than 20 percent of daily average adult male caloric intake for men and almost a third of a woman's typical intake. And, just for the record, whether it's sweetened with high fructose corn syrup or a toxic artificial mixture (think aspartame or Splenda) doesn't matter.

You're not getting any nutrients from consuming soft drinks, a terrible substitute at best for drinking clean fresh water. What's more, soft drinks can be every bit as addictive as cigarettes too!

Red Streak June 20, 2005

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