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Splenda Producers Don't Like Competition

I'm sure some of Tate & Lyle's competitors were very happy to learn some of their patents for Splenda may expire next year. That's not all the competition the UK makers of Splenda may be facing in the coming year, however.

Tate & Lyle, Europe's largest sugar-cane refiner, is squawking about new European Commission proposals to reorganize the continent's sugar markets, believing them to be seriously inequitable measures that could cut company profits by as much as 30 percent, according to a company press release issued late last week. The commission wants to cut subsidies to white sugar and sugar beet producers significantly, because European sugar prices are more than three times higher than world prices.

The company argues the proposals would have a much harsher effect on its bottom line as far as refining margins (50-55 percent) compared to sugar-beet manufacturers (20-22 percent). Don't get too concerned about Tate & Lyle: The company says the growth of Splenda in the marketplace may offset much of the impact of these proposed cutbacks.

Just so you know how little scruples these multi-national companies have when it comes to making money at the expense of injuring your health, one of my valued colleagues shared some details about a chilling meeting he had with a ex-Tate & Lyle researcher. What stuck out for me were the on-target and health-harming similarities this ex-employee made in comparing Tate & Lyle to sugar and RJR Reynolds or Philip Morris to tobacco.

That's why Splenda and sugar are two of the more popular topics people review daily on my Web site.

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