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Trading Your Antidepressants For A Pacemaker?

Can you imagine trading one set of problems associated with treating depression (taking potentially toxic antidepressants) for an equally unknown and potentially hazardous "solution," like a brain pacemaker?

Researchers have been perfecting pacemaker-like technology to treat patients who suffer from severe depression and have had little success with "conventional" therapies. This technology -- already being used to treat Parkinson's disease -- employs electrodes implanted in the brain near the limbic system (the area associated with mood) to switch off or interrupt the electrical circuits linked to depression.

A matchbox-size, battery-powered generator is placed inside a patient's chest, not unlike a heart pacemaker, under a local anesthetic that monitors brain function and produces electrical currents. So far, the results are "promising": Four of the six patients fitted with pacemakers in the study have made big improvements,

However, why would you even want to take the chance of inserting a device into your body that could very well be deadly to your health, when you could treat your depression far more naturally? If you're at your wit's end and have found no good solution, I strongly urge you to try these proven treatments that can ease your emotional pain naturally, safely and inexpensively:

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