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Free Cellular Phone Calls

You may recall my article alerting you about Skype, the free phone service and offshoot of Internet-based phone services like Vonage that require a fast broadband connection. Coming soon is new software that will allow you to make free calls via a dedicated mobile phone (perhaps one of those old phones you stashed in a drawer long ago that's collecting dust) attached to your computer.

Although the press release from Norwegian start-up company IPDrum may be a little confusing, the process is pretty simple. Using the mobile-to-mobile feature virtually every cellular company provides, first you call a dedicated mobile phone connected to your computer by a special cable. Then, that call is connected to Skype which allows you to make free phone calls just about anywhere, circumventing the caps on minutes imposed by conventional cellular phone carriers.

What's more, by linking Skype and your mobile numbers through the IPDrum software, any Skype user anywhere in the world can call you for free too. Makes you wonder just how long it'll be until some company starts selling and marketing true unlimited mobile phone plans on a large scale...

Public Broadcasting Service June 23, 2005

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