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Shifting Medical Standards Line Mega-Drugmakers' Pockets With Cash

Last month, I posted a study about the use of actors to illustrate how easily doctors can be fooled (even when they're warned about it) into prescribing potentially toxic drugs with a little prodding from patients who get their limited education about these wonderful "cures" bought and paid for by the big advertising budgets of the mega-pharmaceuticals.

This week, The Seattle Times is unveiling a must-read, multi-part series that exposes the avarice of the mega-pharmaceuticals at work that lines their pockets with cash, mostly at the expense of the most precious gift of all: Your health. These articles describe in detail how the mega-pharmaceutical cartel works behind the scenes to influence health standards in this country and a conventional medicine machine that is all too happy to prescribe procedures and drugs that are largely unnecessary.

If you read my blog with any regularity, some of the themes that keep popping up in The Times series ought to sound very familiar to you:

  • Pharmaceutical firms controlling the process by which diseases are defined.
  • Diseases being radically redefined without a strong basis in medical evidence.
  • Drug companies creating fear in healthy consumers through floods of advertising that prompt them to seek out drugs for non-existent conditions that could harm or even kill them.

Behind this series is a growing discontent with the real story behind the way conventional medicine works -- expensive quick-fix cures that harm your health far more often than help it. No wonder my vision for a new health care paradigm -- treating conditions at the heart of a patient's health problems rather than trying to cure them -- is getting more popular by the day...

The Seattle Times June 26, 2005

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