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Zinc Among Simple Solutions For Treating Acute Diarrhea

Despite the sharp drop in the mortality rate for children under age 5 suffering from acute diarrhea over the last quarter-century, this disease still exacts a huge toll on kids living in developing countries. A recent study (jointly produced by the World Health Organization and UNICEF) has uncovered two new natural, non-drug treatments for acute diarrhea:

  • Oral rehydration salts containing lower concentrations of glucose and salt shorten the duration of diarrhea and the need for an IV.
  • A 20 mg zinc supplement, taken for up to two weeks, reduces the duration as well as the severity of diarrhea.

However, be aware, there are some potential concerns with zinc supplementation. If you or your child uses zinc indiscriminately, serious health damage can occur especially when it lowers your copper levels. For example, if zinc makes you nauseous, stop taking it immediately.

Eldis June 28, 2005 Free Full-Text Article

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