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Diabetic Association in Delusional Land

Dr. Richard Kahn is the American Diabetes Association chief scientific and medical officer. He recently had an interview with the Corporate Crime Reporter (CCR) and I just have to post a few lines of it for you.

CCR: Sugar does have something to do with diabetes.

KAHN: What? What is the evidence that sugar itself has anything to do with diabetes? There is no evidence.

CCR: There is no evidence that sugar has anything to do with diabetes?

KAHN: None. There is not a shred of evidence that sugar per se has anything to do with getting diabetes.

I could NOT believe what I was reading. The ADA chief medical officer does simply not believe that sugar OR artificial sweeteners have anything to do with diabetes. This can only mean one thing in my view, that this person has sacrificed his integrity for some type of payment.

Nearly everyone reading this blog understands the relationship between sugar and diabetes. In fact my guess is that nearly anyone who has finished fifth grade has this base understanding.

Most of you understand the role insulin plays in sugar metabolism. If you don't than you will certainly want to Dr. Rosedale's article last week. as he expands further on the ADA lunacy.

If the ADA chief is not on the take, then his delusional ineptitude is quite remarkable indeed. I am still stunned and find it incredibly hard to believe that any physician would state this in public. These types of grossly misleading statements by a supposed expert should be grounds for civil and criminal penalties.

It is this type of moronic nonsense that is contributing to the epidemic of diabetes and obesity that this country has. The ADA is not doing one shred of good by promoting this type of misinformation.

If you ever see any request for donations for the ADA please wake up and inform your friends and family as with these types of statements and behavior they are actually worsening the plight of diabetics not improving it.

Corporate Crime Reporter May 16, 2005

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