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What Happens When You Burst a Water Balloon in Space?

Using a special NASA Glenn DC-9 aircraft, researchers found out exactly what happens when a water ballon is popped in a low-gravity, space-like environment. Why? The tests were conducted, in part, to develop the ability to rapidly deploy large liquid drops by rupturing an enclosing membrane.

The aircraft used to perform the tests flies parabolic trajectories approximately 8,000 feet in the air, which provide up to 25 seconds of low-gravity time within which researchers can perform experiments to investigate low-gravity phenomena.

What happened after the water-filled balloon was ruptured simultaneously at opposite ends using syringe needles was "captivating enough that no effort was made to 'bag the blob' prior to the end of the low-g period." See the fascinating pictures for yourself at the link below--it's no ordinary water-balloon fight! NASA Glenn Research Center

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