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Splenda Ads 'Deceived Consumers'

The New Zealand Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has determined that advertisements for the chlorinated artificial sweetener Splenda are misleading because they deceived consumers into thinking Splenda is all natural like sugar, when it is actually a chemical compound.

In ads, Splenda is compared directly to sugar with claims saying it's 'made from sugar and tastes like sugar.' In reality, the product Splenda does not contain and is not sugar. The artificial sweetener ingredient (sucralose) in Splenda is manufactured chemically.

The sweetness of Splenda is due to the chlorocarbon chemical (sucralose) that contains three atoms of chlorine in every one of its molecules. In fact, the name sucralose is misleading because it is not a sugar but a chlorinated chemical.

In the United States, Johnson & Johnson, Splenda's maker, is currently involved in more than 10 federal and consumer class-action lawsuits alleging misleading marketing for Splenda. As if the marketing strategies weren't bad enough, you will be absolutely shocked to learn that, as of 2005, only six human trials have been conducted on Splenda's safety.

U.S. Newswire July 25, 2005

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