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Will Everyone One Day Live to be 120?

Scientists say the ability to extend human life up to 120 years is at their fingertips following groundbreaking research into the lifespan of a tiny earthworm. By culturing them under identical environments and subjecting them to certain stress, scientists were able to predict the lifespan of the worms. They were able to predict differences in individual life expectancy in the worm as much as five-fold.

The find was the equivalent of determining the lifespan of a human at the age of 20, paving the way for scientists to then "tweak" a person's stress-response systems for maximum longevity.

The researchers say they one day hope to take a blood, urine or spit sample from a human and, after analyzing it for various biomarkers, predict how long the person is capable of living. They could then tweak the person's stress-response systems to set them for "maximal longevity," essentially giving everyone an equal opportunity to reach the estimated maximum of human longevity: 120 years.

This is an ironic finding, considering that earlier this year a special report published by the New England Journal of Medicine found that within the next 50 years life expectancy could level off or even decline, which would mean that your children will not live as long as you do.

Will it one day be necessary to "tweak" our genes to live a long life? Personally, I believe everyone could potentially live to be at least 100, and encourage you to read these simple secrets to living a longer and happier life to help you get there.

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